What Happened to Wednesday?!?

Did you guys catch our announcement on the podcast yesterday? For those from our newsletter fam—this is old news, right? On Episode 97, we announce that we are dropping our Wednesday "Mama Bear Mini" episode for the time being. I know, we have heard from a few of you who are disappointed and we get it. Let me explain:

Honestly, we have recorded so many extraordinary interviews (enough to actually fill our podcast schedule through April!), but every week at our Monday meetings, Leslie and I do a bit of scrambling to come up with ideas for our minis. We are incredibly grateful to those of you who have given us ideas, but often we would grasp at straws trying to follow the smallest idea and create an entire episode. As an example, we really want to do an episode tackling the "Side Hustle." We know this phenomenon, right? We want to explore why it's such a thing right now and how we can take on a side hustle and not lose friends and family in the process. We have been trying to force that episode to take shape for weeks but have found that it's going to take some time and we were feeling pressured to just make it work. (Related: if you have a way to make it work, go ahead and shoot us an email and write the show. kthanksbye!) 

We finally sat down and admitted that we never wanted to just try to "pull off" a show. We recommitted to the idea that we want this podcast to be something we can both be really proud of...each episode...no matter what. We want to be able to stand behind any of the episodes so that when you continue to tell your friends and family about our little community over here you can just tell them to start listening and not feel like you have to say, "Pick any of them but that Side Hustle one, they were clearly phoning it in." 

That's the main reason we are going back to just one episode a week. Add to that Leslie's health scare during which she realized she had to cut back on a few things to preserve her sanity and her iron levels, as well as the reality that we believe this podcast and its community is at its best when BOTH Leslie and Tesi are involved, it was an easy decision to make. 

How's it going to work?

This Monday (February 6) we will have our normal interview episode. Monday happens to be with Kate Segal, a woman who spent six years in the Michigan state legislature and has some really fascinating insight into politics. It's another can't miss episode. The next Monday (February 13) will be a Mama Bear Major (working title) that Leslie and I are cooking up. This will be an episode that would've normally premiered on a Wednesday, but we are making it bigger and *hopefully* better for its prime Monday debut. The Monday after that will be an interview and so on and so forth. All the things you've come to love and rely on from us will still be happening, just with a different day of debut. 

Fears. We got 'em:

Of course we're a little afraid this decision will annoy enough of you to stop listening. Or to only listen to every other Monday or what have you. But we know that those of you who continue to tune in despite our relative newness to this medium are in it for the long haul and we could not appreciate you more. 

Hopes. We have those, too!

We hope that you can recognize a difference in the material that we post every time. We hope you notice how much more effort we're able to pour into each episode since we're not having to split time and energy between two per week. We hope that you forgive us when we fall short of that and celebrate our minor victories with the same gusto. 

Above all, we hope you join us in the journey and continue to invite other Mama Bears to the table. 

Thank you all, as always, for being a part of this community. We hope we do right by you in all of our decisions and if we don't, we hope you dare to tell us and hold us to the high standard in which we hold ourselves. 

Much love to you today and this weekend. Take your meds, call your friend, order the Epsom salts (using our Amazon banner ad, s'il vous plait!), invite friends over. Take care of yourselves.

See you back here on Monday! 

XOXO, Tesi