Episode 168: All Bodies Are Good Bodies with Sarah Stevens

Sarah Stevens.jpg

On Episode 168 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi and Leslie are captivated by Sarah Stevens, a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and founder of The Beautifull Project, a truly extraordinary space where ordinary women are encouraged to tell the truth of their bodies, beauty, and belonging. The conversation ranges from shame to hope, from illness to health, and from obsession to freedom, and works to serve as part of a chorus of courage for women who are tired of shrinking and aim to take up space in this world. Whether in the boardroom, in relationships, or in their own unique physical being, women listening will be inspired to accept their body, claim their innate worth, and fearlessly bring their whole selves to an often hurting world.

Also discussed in this episode:

  • How do we live fully in our bodies?
  • Throwing out the scale and trusting our bodies
  • How to talk to our daughters about bodies
  • The danger of disembodiment
  • The power of our collective stories to heal us collectively

Find Sarah and The Beautifull Project on Facebook, Instagram, and on the website. Links to blogs referenced in the podcast can be found here.


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