Episode 235: Cultural Appropriation

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On Episode 235, Tesi and Leslie add their Mama Bear voice to the discussion of cultural appropriation…a conversation they feel is relevant not just on Halloween but on every other day of the year as well. They discuss how to be cultural appreciators rather than appropriators, why they cling tightly to the maxim that Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Blackface, and what makes them adamant in their belief that when you know better you do better. The sisters are candid about past mistakes and mis-steps, bring the research behind their current views, and challenge one another, as well as listeners, to look beyond themselves and carefully consider the weight of each of our actions.

Lots of links this week! Check them out to learn more about cultural appropriation…

How to do better….here we go! Read about it HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE. Are you a parent? Read THIS. Hey, nuance! Let’s talk about it. One more HERE. Maasai fashion and appropriation. Check out this VIDEO. (It might break your heart.) Love THIS article about appropriation vs. appreciation. Hair HERE.


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