Episode 230: Kindness is Cool


On Episode 230 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi and Leslie revisit an episode (previously titled Make America Kind Again) that reminds listeners of their stance on kindness: We refuse to let it die! In fact, they wholeheartedly believe that what America needs (along with policy change) is more kindness. The women also recognize the responsibility we have as parents raising children in our current American culture to make sure that the virtue of kindness outlasts the test of time. Because, in some spheres, kindness seems to be on life-support, co-hosts Tesi and Leslie spend this episode discussing what we can do to instill this value in the kids we influence. How do we raise kind kids? It turns out, there's actually a language to kindness and it's discussed in this fun and fascinating episode!


A summary of Harvard Study mentioned in the podcast can be found HERE | Carol Dweck's Mindset is a must-read | Greater Good in Action findings can be found HERE


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