Episode 221: Adventure Mama with Justine Nobbe


On Episode 221 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi and Leslie sit down with Justine Nobbe, the co-founder of the Adventure Mamas Initiative and all-around Mama Bear. The co-hosts couldn’t wait to talk to Justine after a listener wrote in and said this: “The organization [Adventure Mamas] is hell-bent on seeing mamas take the time to take care of themselves and to find a strength they didn’t know they had among a group of supportive and badass women. Justine is our brave warrior leading with intention, authenticity, KINDNESS, and verve. I admire her work, her family, and her badass survival skills.” Justine lived up to every work of this high praise…and more! Listen in as the three women discuss adventure and motherhood, maternal wellness, emotional health, why movement matters and intersectional inclusion in a male-dominated space. It’s an uplifiting conversation, friends. Listen in!

Learn more about Justine and the Adventure Mama Initiative here:

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