Episode 199: Toxic Masculinity...Again

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On Episode 199 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi and Leslie celebrate the writers (we see you, Mama Bear marketers!) behind the Gillette Razor commercial and discuss how to talk to those in our lives who disagree or take issue with the message behind the ad. They dive into the cultural waters of toxic masculinity, once again breaking it down and analyzing the rub. How did we get here? How do we do better? How do we talk to people we love about being a woman in this world? The two women share their ideas about the commercial, discuss the government shutdown, and then tackle two listener questions, ultimately leaving listeners with a new dare for a new day.

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Watch the commercial here and read more here.

Listener questions (send yours to mamabeardares@gmail.com!):

  1. I honestly feel continuously stressed. Your podcast helps in that I feel part of a community of people who are all feeling this. But it also brings up even more issues I Didn’t know! It turns out the more you know, the heavier the head. All this to say, I’m so glad I know more about what everyone around me is going through but some days it just feels really overwhelming. How do you stop from feeling that all the time?

  2. How do you balance lifting up the women around you and also holding other women accountable to our highest potential?


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