Episode 173: The High Cost of Poverty


On Episode 173, Tesi and Leslie discuss the high cost of being poor in America. According to the US Census Bureau, 37 million people are living in poverty in America. Because of this huge number and because of the complexities and myths surrounding America's poor, the two women dig into the research surrounding generational poverty, the small money-saving conveniences that many of us take for granted, energy inequity, the systemic underbelly of economic oppression, and the reasons why we should care. The conversation concludes with action steps and a dare encouraging listeners to pick up a small stone in their local community that will ultimately move mountains in our country and world.

Check out some of the Mama Bear's Research:

U.N. on U.S. Poverty | The Poverty Industry (book) | Why people pay more | History of racist housing policy | Poverty's impact on education | Millions of Americans are one paycheck away from hardship | Paying more for toilet paper and beyond | Does healthier food cost more? | The cost of banking (and an action step)


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