Episode 165: Summer and the War Against Manufactured Magic


On Episode 165 of the Mama Bear Dares podcast, co-hosts Leslie and Tesi dive into a topic near and dear to their hearts—the war against manufactured magic. It’s a Gladiator’s road to be sure, but today's episode tackles the idea that kids can make their own fun this summer and that women can release the pressure they may feel as moms to create constant joy, whimsy, and fun for them. We focus on a great article that appeared in The Huff Post in which writer and mother Bunmi Laditan says this:

“Parents do not make childhood magical. Abuse and gross neglect can mar it, of course, but for the average child, the magic is something inherent to the age. Seeing the world through innocent eyes is magical. Experiencing winter and playing in the snow as a 5-year-old is magical. Getting lost in your toys on the floor of your family room is magical. Collecting rocks and keeping them in your pockets is magical. Walking with a branch is magical. 
It is not our responsibility to manufacture contrived memories on a daily basis.”

Check out Bunmi Laditan's article, I'm Done Making My Kid's Childhood Magical. Her first book, The Honest Toddler: A Child’s Guide to Parenting, is sure to be wise and good!

Also discussed:

  • Childhood memories that were very simple and weren’t manufactured for us!
  • Tesi recalls a thrilling childhood—and she doesn’t remember seeing her mom during the day.
  • The spectrum of "magic"
  • Embracing your own style; release the pressure of perfection!


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