Episode 160: The Dirt & Dust of Incarceration with Whitney Bolton


On Episode 160 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi and Leslie sit down with Whitney Bolton, a listener who reached out to them after viewing the documentary 13TH and then listening to the Mama Bear episode covering that documentary. Whitney is hungry to share with listeners her powerful story about what life is like for women in prison. She and the co-hosts discuss the way the systems in power treat human beings and listen to her real-life account of how the experience of life behind bars changed her and those around her. Whitney asks listeners to look at the "dirt and darkness" of our country's system of incarceration and does so by sharing powerful stories and examples from her own experience.

Click here to listen to the Episode 109 on the documentary 13TH that inspired Whitney to come on the show or find the documentary on Netflix.


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