Episode 159: Parenting Teens (and why no one is talking about it)

Parenting Teens.jpg

On Episode 159 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Leslie and Tesi talk about the mysterious and thrilling responsibility of raising teenagers. As we've seen in the last six months, American teens are capable of organizing a worldwide march to end gun violence and yet also prone to staring at their screens for hours without any nourishment or personal contact. Teenagers are capable of tremendous amounts of love ... and slamming a door in your face. The women explore this topic with a few listener questions in mind: Why is parenting teenagers so isolating and lonely? What happens when you "love" your kid with all your heart, but you struggle to "like" them? As always, the sisters tackle these questions with great curiosity and do their best to reassure listeners with a down-to-earth exploration of the quest to know better and do better.

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Leslie's husband Jake is an alternative high school educator. His recent TEDx talk focuses on "kids these days" and how our expectations create our reality. Watch it HERE.


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