Episode 127: Learning Differences & the Magnificent Brain with Elisheva Schwartz


On Episode 127 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi and Leslie sit down with the dynamic Elisheva Schwartz, a dyslexia researcher, mother, wife, intelligence re-definer, and podcast host. The hosts are enthralled by Elisheva's story (by third grade she was being kicked out of class and into the hallway, by fifth grade she was getting suspended, and by the time she was a junior in high school she had dropped out school all together unsure if the classroom was the place for her) and by her Mama Bear instinct to not only own and explore her experiences, but to share her fire and know-how with others dealing with learning differences and challenging school settings. Elisheva shares her expert knowledge on dyslexia, learning differences, self actualization and holistic human flourishing and absolutely captivates Leslie and Tesi in the process. Listeners will leave the conversation brimming with empathy, compassion, and a renewed love of humankind.

Also discussed on this episode:

  • Dyslexia and learning differences in the United States (definition, prevalence, etc.)
  • How to hold reverence for the magnificence of the human brain
  • Misconceptions and mislabeling of different learning styles and types of intelligence
  • The human capacity to balance more than one emotion at a single time
  • The importance of accepting your struggles and giving voice to them for the benefit of others
  • A new definition of self care

Elisheva is offering a new online course this September on dyslexia and self-esteem for middle school children called “How To Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem, Even If The School Is Tearing It Down.” This course will offer valuable information and support for parents who feel overwhelmed and want guidance on boosting their children's self-esteem.

Check out more about Elisheva, her work, and how to sign up for the course | Visit Elisheva's website | Listen to her podcast | Check out @thedyslexiaquest on Instagram and Facebook


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