Episode 113: What Does It Mean To Resist?

Are you guys feeling tired? Do you find yourself pumping your first in the air and yelling "RESIST" at your radio or news feed while making dinner? On Episode 113, Leslie and Tesi discuss the act of resistance, what it means, and how Mama Bears across the world might turn their anger and confusion into action. How do we resist policies and politics that don't align with our values? How do we resist the metaphorical death of kindness? How do we resist alienating others who disagree with us? The co-hosts break down their feelings of discontent and concern and encourage one another to action through tangible steps. The conversation is passionate, but the ultimate aim is to understand the incredibly complex range of human emotions (from anger to apathy) felt in the current climate of American in 2017, to harness those feelings to action, and to inspire the Mama Bear community to do the same. Listen in and join the conversation online!

Also discussed in this episode:

  • What is Facebook activism? What if Martin Luther Kind Jr had a Facebook account? How do we most effectively use social media to resist?
  • How do we handle apathy? What steps do we take on the days we want to give up?
  • How do we move from a loss of hope to a step toward action?
  • How do we avoid characterization and engage with those we disagree with? How do we save kindness?


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