Episode 110: Remembering What You're Worth

On Episode 110 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi sits down with Michele Cushatt, a wife, mother, and successful author, speaker, and woman unafraid to dig deep in order to uncover life's treasures. Michele's new book, I AM: A 60-day Journey to Knowing You Are Because of Who He Is, explores the soul-deep journey that individuals might embark upon when seeking to discover their true self and encourages women to uncover and embrace the beautiful and unique way that they were made and then cling to the discovery of their real, true self during moments of insecurity. Michele and Tesi speak candidly about the ways in which grave illness prompts big questions as Michele shares how a brutal bout with cancer changed her life and listeners will be inspired by a conversation filled with hard-earned wisdom and an abundance of hope.


  • Changing the story as parents and refusing to be defined by our past.
  • How books and story can shape a life.
  • We were never meant to build an identity; we were meant to receive it.
  • What are you wrapping your roots around?
  • Why you should arm yourself with truths that you can remember in moments of insecurity.
  • How do we address adult insecurities? How does these play out in our lives online?
  • The joy and freedom in being called to live YOU life and to be YOU.


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