Episode 104: Provoking People to Good with Heather Avis

Tesi and Leslie were delighted to talk with Heather Avis, a mother, author, and advocate, on Episode 104 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast. Heather's debut book, The Lucky Few, comes out this month and the three women found instant rapport as they discussed writing, travel, everyday miracles, and raising children. Heather is a mom to three kids, two of whom have Down Syndrome, and in addition to her role of meal-maker and child-rearer, she is a writer, speaker, and passionate advocate for her children—and all children—with special needs. The women bond over broken hearts for those living in the margins and share an impassioned Mama Bear belief in stepping up for the underdog.


  • The importance of authentic relationships in the pursuit of justice and equality
  • The enormous benefit of stepping outside of your circle in order to understand the world and grow as a human
  • The magic of getting to the other side of "scary" and arriving at beautiful
  • The myth that you have to do something extreme (adopt, go to a developing nation, raise $1 million for charity, etc.) to sit in tension, to grow, or to serve
  • The One Life Factor—each of us can encourage and impact others and move the dial toward love
  • We can move our compassion to action; we can encourage others to move their compassion to action

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