Episode 101: Overflowing Wisdom from the Mama Bear Tribe

Episode 101 is an all-out celebration!!

Tesi and Leslie take a moment to look back over their first 101 (!) episodes and appreciate all the incredible women who have shared wisdom, knowledge, perspective, and laughs at the microphone over the last year. What an amazing group of women!! The hosts marvel over their good fortune, reminisce about starting the podcast nearly one year ago, look forward to future episodes and growth, and end with a few fun segments, one that Tesi lovingly refers to as "Dreamweaver" and, finally, an "Ask Us Anything" with a question from a reader that has the hosts diving deep for wisdom.

We highlight so many great interviews within this celebratory episode. Listen to the full interviews here (in order of discussion):

Episode 7: The Flow of Generosity with Beth Johnson

Epsidoe 3: Doing It Scared with Jody Landers

Episode 61: Failure Does Not Define Us with Christina Ceranna

Episode 39: The Eye-Opening Power of Travel and Episode 40: On Privilege with Kaitlin Klipsch

Episode 80: Shame is Loud, Truth is Louder with Aubrey Sampson

Episode 17: The Search for Faith, Love, & Justice with Sara Olson-Smith

Episode 49: Mothering & Mental Illness with Cathy Engstrom

Episode 29: All the Women Around the World with Efrancia Nzota

Other episodes mentioned: Episode 10: April Fool's Day | Episode 88: It's Never One Person's Work with Tabitha Mpamira-Kaguri | Episode 55: Motherhood Abroad with Tarin Tesfaye | Episode 35: Nothing of Value Separates Us with Tara Livesay

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