Episode 92: Success Leaves Clues with Tatiana Amico

On Episode 92 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Leslie and Tesi sit down with Tatiana Amico, a health coach who works to empower women to take control of their health and life. Tatiana is generous with advice and offers listeners great tips and tricks, drawing from her own experience and expertise. Tatiana reveals her past as a yo-yo dieter and negative thinker who struggled with work, her relationship to food, and anxiety and depression. Once her son was born, Tatiana’s Mama Bear came out in full force and she set out to change her lifestyle and do the work she felt most called to do. The three women discuss the ways that Tatiana began taking control of her life, learning the practical tools that she employed to leave diets behind and stop making excuses, building a successful business, and embracing a life she wants to live. Tatiana, Tesi, and Leslie spend their time focusing on the how-to behind Tatiana’s mission and the ways in which we can all stop complaining, start taking action, and love ourselves completely.

Other topics discussed:

  • The WHY behind individual lifestyle choices
  • Lifting the veil on results (Hint: success always leaves clues)
  • A practical guide to eating healthy and whole foods
  • Energy attracts energy; passion inspires passion


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