Episode 60: Old Wives in the Big City

On Episode 60 of the Mama Bear Dares podcast, co-hosts Leslie and Tesi tackle a question submitted by a a curious listener, discuss their weekend spent interviewing podcast guests in the nation's third largest city, and laugh over their embrace of weird and their acceptance of new behaviors in the Old Wives Corner. This episode will make you smile, make you think, and make you want to run to the library. Enjoy!


A listener sent the following question for Leslie and Tesi to answer and they tackle it in their first segment:

“What are you currently reading?

— Marguerite, Mama Bear Listener

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A Weekend of Women:

Tesi and Leslie spent a weekend in Chicago interviewing women for the podcast. As they reflect on the experience they bring up a few important points:

  1. We each respond differently when we're given a mic and a platform.
  2. We are for one another.

Stay tuned for interviews with four fabulous women that you've likely not heard of! Thank you so much to GitMom for hosting us!!


The hosts discuss the things they do (and don't do) as 30-somethings that their 23-year-old selves might question. Help us add to the list! Are you an old wife? What's on your list?

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