Episode 57: Finding (and using!) Your Voice

Your perspective, your experience, your blessings and gifts, and your unique place in this world give you an incredible platform from which to stand and sing the song that only you can. There is no one in the world like you! Leslie and Tesi believe this to be true ... and so does Natalie Grant, a four-time Grammy-nominated recording artist, author, creator of the fashion and jewlery line NG by Natalie Grant, and the co-founder of the nonprofit Hope for Justice. On Episode 57 of the Mama Bear Dares podcast, the three women discuss the power each of us hold within and encourage listeners to discover their strength and use it for ultimate good. While celebrating the publication of Natalie's new book, Finding Your Voice: What Every Woman Needs to Live Her God-Given Passions Outloud, the three women explore the ways we each are uniquely created to summon ultimate love to pour onto others. Though there are times that you feel small and powerless, the women have a strong message for you: Not only do you matter, but you are a crucial piece in the puzzle of life.

Other topics discussed:

  • The world needs YOUR unique voice. So many living and breathing souls today do not have a voice. They are marginalized and we must lend them ours.
  • Being vulnerable both requires and breeds courage.
  • The things you DO are not the things that define you. Who you are is more than the activity or output of your day. Sometimes we need to silence the unhealthy lies that we get wrapped up in and call out the truth of who we are as individuals.
  • The beauty of being used in the everyday and hearing God's call, even in the most mundane moments.


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