Episode 58: Creating Community After A Move

On Episode 58 of the Mama Bear Dares podcast, co-hosts and sisters-in-law Leslie and Tesi jump into a reader question regarding the realities of Mama Bear. Put simply, they discuss what to do when Mama Bear is just too tired for action and believes a hot shower to be the only nonessential thing she's capable of at the moment. Can you relate? Listen in as the hosts respond with candor and encouragement. Leslie and Tesi also dive into the topic of building a community of friends after a move. Loneliness can be devastating, so the hosts first declare "me too" and then dive into solutions and suggestions. They end the episode by exploring their Other Self as a check-in to one another and listeners about the way they engage in the ever-important act of self care.


A listener sent the following question for Leslie and Tesi to answer and they tackle it in their first segment:

I love the podcast and I know I SHOULD want to do better and engage my Mama Bear in all the ways discussed, but I just don’t feel like I have the energy to do it. Why and how can I move my Mama Bear to care about more than just surviving every day?
— Jenny, Mama Bear Listener

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Finding Community after a move:

It's so hard! Both hosts have been the new girl in town and offer the following to listeners who might be experiencing the same:

  • Get out of your comfort zone. Start a book club! Strike up a conversation in a coffee shop! It might feel awkward, but you just might uncover a friend.
  • Strike up a conversation and revel in the hope it brings. You may not have just made your new best friend, but you'll prove to yourself that people are out there and relationships are possible again.
  • Be bold! You may not have ever thought about joining an organized group (moms' group, small group, book group), but now is the time to give one a shot!
  • Start or join an online community. These relationships can be beautiful and fulfilling!
  • Rest in the understanding that it takes time to build a tribe. You'll get there, Mama Bear!


The hosts check in on what they're doing for their "Other Self" in order to keep their whole self healthy.


Barbara Kingsolver, Animal, Miracle, Vegetable

Tesi's BLOG POST about moving and loneliness.

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