Episode 54: A Mama Bear Review of Bad Moms


“You messed with my daughter and now I will have to fight you in the Trader Joe’s parking lot.” You guys! Even bad moms — we're pretty sure we're all bad moms — seek justice for their children and protect their young! Though co-hosts Tesi and Leslie would never condone fighting anyone in the Trader Joe's parking lot or elsewhere, they can't help but laugh with this Bad Moms movie moment. On this episode of the podcast, the co-hosts unpack their views of the movie Bad Moms, including this Mama Bear moment and many more. The two sisters enjoy their first movie review, as well as two segments meant to console and encourage: Leslie gets vulnerable in So What Happened Was... and the sisters unload some everyday hilarity and self-reflection in Things We Should Probably Feel Guilty About, But Don't... Sometimes we need a reminder, even from the cataclysmic and sometimes questionable force of Hollywood, that we can laugh! So let's laugh! This episode dares you to belly laugh down the aisle of life and to be YOU in all of your imperfect glory.

So what happened was...

Leslie shares a story where she cracked under the PTA pressure. Can you relate? Please make her feel better by sharing your own humble moments with us on social media!

Mama Bear goes to the movies...

Tesi and Leslie discuss their take on the movie Bad Moms. Watch the trailer HERE. They focus on the following themes...

  1. Expectations of Perfection (no modern mother is immune)
  2. Modern Men as Infants?
  3. Mama Bear Moments
  4. Insane Love of Offspring

Things We Should Probably Feel Guilty About, But Don't...

Things get real during this segment. Sometimes laughter is the only way to see through the madness, right?!

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