Episode 53: Bearing Hope with Liv Ryan

On Episode 53 of Mama Bear Dares, Tesi and Leslie talk to Liv Ryan, a mother, a yoga instructor, an early-riser, a survivor, and an author. Liv has written a book call Bearing Hope: Navigating the Desert of Waiting for a Child and the three women discuss what got Liv to this place and the reasons why she decided to turn her experience of waiting and "the desert of infertility" into a practical book meant to guide and encourage others who may similarly be diving through the depths. After a conversation that covers topics ranging from grief, personal struggle, relationships, risks, and healing, the women leave listeners with a DARE and encourage the strugglers among us to be open to wisdom and to learn from Liv's tremendous strength, optimism, and honesty.

Other topics discussed:

  • The language of grief
  • Holy yoga, healing practice, and self care
  • The power of community
  • "Project-based waiting"
  • Preparing our kids for a life of love and imperfection
  • The practicalities and joys of downsizing


Liv can be found online at HERE!

Buy the book, Bearing Hope: Navigating the Desert of Waiting for a Child, HERE!

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Check out this popular blog post penned by Liv.

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