Episode 40: On Privilege

On Part 2 of our series exploring privilege, co-hosts Tesi and Leslie focus more on what privilege even means. We hear from Kait Klipsch (another Mama Bear sister!) on how she has seen her own privilege play out, as well as how easy it is to ignore it as part of your reality.

The co-hosts also explore the disheartening injustices Kait has witnessed while working in the criminal justice system in Brooklyn, New York, with the aim to educate themselves and their listeners on how injustice happens everywhere, including in places like the Midwest.

Today's episode expands on Episode 39, which released Monday, so please go back and listen for context. Tesi and Leslie hope this series with Kait will give Mama Bears the frame of reference they need when they hear current conversations surrounding the phrase "white privilege." After the deaths this week in America, everyone at Mama Bear Dares believe it's of the utmost important to unpack the phrase so that we can learn to live out our lives with compassion.


  • Coming from a family who had reliable housing, plenty of food, two parents and loving siblings. One that supported and encouraged and could also financially support one of its members if he/she fell onto hard times.
  • Seemingly straight identifying
  • Having a common name (Examples: Kait, Jennie, Cynthia, Mandy, Meg)
  • Being white
  • Choosing when you have sex and with whom
  • Positive encounters with police officers
  • Access to quality education, not just K-12 but also undergrad and graduate schools
  • Ability to leave a community that is not good for you financially, mentally, emotionally or spiritually
  • The idea that privileges build on one another to set you up for success long term


  • Those with the least power tend to be the ones who are exploited the most
  • The power of a story
  • Is it worth it to know about your own privilege? To come face-to-face with it and realize even though you've worked really hard to get to where you are, there were other forces outside of that which benefit you? Is it worth it to fully realize those same forces hold back people without the same privileges? Is it worth it to know such these? And is it worth it to teach your kids?


Kait used to work for Brooklyn Justice Initiatives, part of the Center for Court Innovation in Brooklyn, NY.

Kait currently works for STEPS to End Family Violence.

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