Episode 44: Parenting through Tragedy: Thoughts on Nice, Alton Sterling, Phillandro Castille, & the Dallas PD

On this Mama Bear Mini, Tesi and Leslie reign in the mighty-Mama-Bear-poised-for-action that resides in each of them and attempt to have a disciplined, yet passionate, conversation about the world at large. Leslie just returned from a three-week vacation that involved time in Nice, so the sisters can't help but once again tackle the headlines. The women talk a bit about Leslie’s vacation and a bit about Nice, but the bulk of the conversation is a discussion of how we engage our mama bear to fight for justice in the world and how to raise our kids to be compassionate and loving when it feels like the world is the opposite. Tesi and Leslie do their best to talk through two basic questions in the midst of very challenging times: How do we remain compassionate and nonjudgmental during these times? And how do we raise our kids to do the same?

Links mentioned in the show:

Episode 39 and Episode 40 on the Mama Bear Dares Podcast tackle white privilege

CEO/President of MOPS, Mandy Arioto, talks about empowering kids on Episode 41.

Tesi's Facebook page to check out her viral post!


The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander

What does it mean to be long for so long? Reflections on Black Reality & White Delusion

Columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote a five-part series for the The New York Times, When Whites Just Don't Get it

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