Episode 34: Crossing the Globe with Kids

On today's mid-week episode, Leslie and Tesi debate whether or not kids belong on all vacations. The co-hosts discuss the pros and cons of traveling with kids and explore the immediate needs of moms as individuals and the long-term impact that geographical exploration has on children. Leslie dives into why it's so important to her to take her kids just about anywhere as she trots the globe and Tesi drops some knowledge on traveling on a budget and shares examples of what she has learned from navigating the world with a family of seven. The sisters dare listeners to consider travel—both literally and as a state of mind—and how embracing a bit of movement and whimsy this summer can lead to a season well lived.


  1. Kids bring wonder and delight
  2. Kids slow you down...in a good way
  3. These experiences will shape their brains forever
  4. Travel is a physical and emotional journey...even for kids


  1. Research, research, research
  2. Take out cash and stick to it!
  3. Pack food or stay in places with a small kitchen that allow you to buy in bulk. (Leslie and family have had great luck with AirBnB and Homeaway.)


If you're interested and disciplined in your budget, check out this resource for tips and tricks!

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