Episode 42: Hamilton & Hip Hop for Moms


Following co-host Leslie's obsession with the story of Hamilton and the music of Lin Manual Miranda, she and Tesi jump in and discuss the phenomenon that so many mamas love! Episode 44 unpacks Hamilton's brilliance and explores the reasons why we believe that the rap and hip hop in the show has struck a chord with so many of our Mama Bears. Tesi and Leslie invite their resident music-loving, trend-finding influencer and sister Kait to the room where the podcast happens. Together, the trio dives into the power of music and its incredible ability to influence our culture and define generations. The episode ends with Kait's suggestions for Hamilton-lovin' mamas who want to expand their musical palette and step into the story-telling brilliance and sound of rap and hip hop.

If you love Hamilton, Mama Bears, be sure to check out these artists:

  1. Outkast
  2. Chance the Rapper
  3. Kendrick Lamar
  4. Nicki Manaj
  5. Santigold
  6. Beyonce
  7. Noname Gypsy


Outkast | Chance the Rapper | Kendrick Lamar | Nicki Manaj | NoName Gypsy | Santigold 

Also mentioned is the forthcoming Hamilton Mixtape

We also discuss Kanye. If you're not already a fan, start with The College Dropout.

Poet Aubrey Ryan talks about art as activism and understanding on Episode 33: Poetry for the People. Listen HERE.

Hamilton the Musical's official website

Lin Manuel Miranda on TWITTER

If you find the story and history of Hamilton interesting, Leslie recommends all of these:

Ron Chernow's biography of Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton: The Revolution

Revolutionary Mothers by Carol Berkin

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