Episode 37: How to Heal with Dana Linze-Dengler

Dana Linze-Dengler is a nurse, mother, talented artist, and avid gardener. She is also a widower. When Dana was 26, her 28-year-old husband was killed in a tragic accident after which she was left to raise her three young boys and to pick up the pieces of her life. Dana opens up about the unimaginable and talks to co-hosts Leslie and Tesi about the process of grief, her experience with depression, her sadness and eventual healing, and her willingness to love again*. In an emotional interview, listeners will be asked to contemplate love and loss, and learn from the depths of Dana's experience. It almost goes without saying that the MBD co-hosts are in awe by the strength, determination, and grace of this woman.

Also discussed:

  • How do you grieve when you have bills to pay and boys to raise?
  • The women discuss how diamonds are shaped by tremendous pressure and how humans are made through suffering.
  • The ways in which a life can be shaped—in both beautiful and horrible ways—by dealing with the reality of death.
  • Mental health, the importance of treating what's broken, and the gifts of being transparent throughout stuggle.
  • Finding love after unimaginable loss.
  • The metaphorical growth of a backyard garden and the beauty of a purple tomato.
  • The importance of volunteerism and the ways we can shape the next generation through authentic examples of tangible love.

Obsess Sesh with dana

Running/spending time at the gym | The Macro Diet | Little League Baseball | Growing her hair out

*In a nod to listener trust and podcast authenticity, it should be stated that this emotional conversation took place at a dining room table over two bottles of wine!

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