Episode 33: Poetry for the People

On Episode 33, co-hosts Leslie and Tesi tackle the topic of poetry in the modern world by interviewing award-winning poet and mother-of-two Aubrey Ryan. Aubrey shares her experience with poetry and the way it impacts her everyday, all the while helping to demystify the sometimes intimidating art form. The women spend an hour together admiring the poetry in our world while viewing it from unexpected angles: poetry as medicine, writing as healing, and verse as activism. Listeners will hear the words of poets who have you woven truths together and may pause to take in the power of language, lingering over the mystery and beauty of the ways that we, as human beings, communicate. Tesi, Leslie, and their guest talk about being alive to the extraordinary in the ordinary and then telling of the discovery in magnificent and creative ways. All of this to say, as Aubrey Ryan does in Episode 39, "Hey, world! Poetry is not hard!"

Also discussed on this episode:

  • Poetry is democratic

  • Can poetry be medicine? How does it heal? Who does it heal?

  • Poetry as a response to societal ills and cultural happenings

  • How does one create a livelihood as an artist?

  • Hitting rock bottom and stepping back into the light

  • Types of poetry and the use of poetry as a tool of empowerment and social change


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At the beginning of the podcast, Leslie reads Late Hours by Lisel Mueller from Alive Together

Gervase Kolmos and the "me too" factor can be found in Episode 27

Where you can find Aubrey:

Midwest Writing Center

Check out Aubrey's chapbook of poems, published by Phantom Press: A Good Beast

A list of poets mentioned:

Mary Oliver | Rumi | Lin Manual Miranda | Nikki Giovanni (On Being Podcast) | Wendell Berry Gary Snyder | Bill Moyers | B.H. Fairchild | Jason Robert Brown

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