Episode 31: Meditation for the Curious Girl

On Episode 31 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi and Leslie interview meditation coach and mother of two, Angie Sands. Angie delights the co-hosts with her calm spirit and incredible bank knowledge about the age-old practice of meditation. The women discuss how the act of meditating has impacted their emotional lives and the way in which meditation impacts the development and maturation of the human brain. It's a fascinating conversation about a topic of curiosity for more and more moms in the trenches of parenthood.

Also on this episode, Leslie and Tesi have fun exploring a new segment inspired by Angie called MAYBE IT'S MEDITATION during which they discuss the impact of meditation on their every day lives. Am I calmer in line at the grocery store? Are the clouds really that beautiful? Does meditation literally make my skin glow? The co-hosts wonder just how far meditation can take a person, and they want to hear from you about your own experiences or apprehensions! Finally, after a fruitful conversation with Angie, we hear about her current obsessions in the OBSESS SESH.

Other topics discussed:

  • The remarkable brain science behind meditation
  • The benefits for kids who engage in a meditation practice
  • The idea that though many of our desires are externally driven, we have everything we need inside of us to feel peace and happiness. Meditation will help us unlock these joys!
  • The difference between meditation and mindfulness
  • The question of whether or not there is an element of privilege in the practice of meditation
  • How to get started with a meditation practice...perhaps it can be a way to nurture your Other Self!

"I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one." ~Ghandi

OBSESS SESH with Angie Sands!

Angie is currently obsessed with:

Super foods (like these!) | Getting Rid of Stuff | Connection with Others


Here's where you can find Angie: Website | Facebook

More information about SEED Meditation.

Leslie's article about meditating with kids and Angie's tutelage can be found HERE.

Check out the app HEADSPACE, which Tesi and Leslie first learned about on the Rich Roll Podcast.

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