Episode 43: A Midwife to the Next Life


On this episode of Mama Bear Dares, Leslie and Tesi talk to Lisa Gaston about death and dying. Lisa is a trained chaplain and mom to three grown children. Listen as she discusses what it's like to accompany individuals in the midst of the dying process and families as they face the death of a loved one. Together, we dig into dying, living, and the search for life's purpose. Lisa offers a unique look into a fascinating, complex, and largely avoided topic, gently encouraging listeners to face their own insecurities and views of death and dying.

Other points discussed:

  • Serving God from wherever we are
  • Learning from life's minutiae
  • Our societal response to death: Is it the right response? How did we get here? How do other cultures respond to death and dying?
  • How do we die with dignity?
  • How can we prepare for death?


Lisa mentions The Five Wishes as a great resource for families as they prepare for their imminent (but hopefully far off) death. Check it out HERE.

Lisa is starting a podcast! Keep an eye out for What's Up With Dying when she launches on iTunes.


Lisa is obsessed with LUSH cosmetics.

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