Episode 22: Stop Interrupting Me

On Episode 22 of Mama Bear Dares, co-hosts Tesi and Leslie riff on an article about the power dynamics of language in relation to gender. After discussing ten words that we should teach our daughters to say comfortably in conversation, they take questions from the Mama Bear Community and do their best to answer from the heart. They encourage you to recognize the power of your own voice and use your Mama Bear strength to assert your words in the world.

We read it, We loved it, Let's discuss

We discussed the ten words every girl should know:

“Stop interrupting me.” / “I just said that.” / “No explanation needed.”

You'll find links to the article by Soraya Chemaly in the following locations:

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls FB page

Role Reboot

The Huffington Post

Reppin the MBC on the MBD

Tesi and Leslie tackle versions of the following listener questions. Three great books are mentioned, they are:

Lean In | A Path Appears | Half the Sky

As a husband to a woman and a man raising a daughter, as well as a man in a top level position in his company, I was really floored by this article. I didn’t realize the truth of the article until I really looked at my own experience in the corporate world and the space in which my wife and daughter occupy. I believe everything the article says but am wondering, other than teaching my daughter to say “stop interrupting me”, “I just said that”, etc., how else can I help?


I’ve seen every one of these scenarios play out in my own life. But I feel like I’m just getting started on my own journey into speaking up for myself, how in the world do I start encouraging my daughter to do it when I hardly feel strong enough for myself?”

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Episode 6: Never Withhold A Compliment

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On today’s podcast sisters-in-law Leslie and Tesi talk about the power of speaking positive words into the world. Leslie shares her struggle with seasonal depression and how a 70-year-old woman in a coffee shop changed her day and then her outlook with just a few words. The hosts talk about celebrating creation, giving authentic compliments, and brightening the world around you with pure intentions. They invite you to be aware of the life you live and train yourself to identify the beautiful...and then, when it’s appropriate, vocalize it!

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