Episode 29: All the Women Around the World

When Leslie, the co-host of the Mama Bear Dares, traveled to East Africa late last month with the NGO she contracts with, she realized she had a great opportunity to introduce listeners of the Mama Bear Dares podcast to a Tanzanian mother. Her international colleague at Empower Tanzania, new mom and program manager Efrancia Nzota, graciously agreed to be a guest on the show. After a long, hot day of training Maasai women as Community Health Workers, Leslie and Efra sat down at the Nzoroko Hotel restaurant, shared a Coke, and discussed the ways their lives as professionals and as mothers are similar and the ways in which they are different.

The conversation that listeners will listen in on in Episode 29 may point listeners to this: Our joys and triumphs as mothers and women are universal. We can sit with friends in our own communities and find out that we have much in common, and we can travel across the world, sit down with friends there, and learn the same thing. This transformative realization is one hosts Leslie and Tesi hope listeners will never look back from.

Leslie and Efra also discuss:

  • Efrancia's birth story
  • The challenges and joys of new motherhood in Tanzania
  • The Improving Women's Health Program that Efrancia manages for Empower Tanzania
  • The universality of the work/life balance and the struggle of caring for the Other Self


Check out Empower Tanzania and Empower Tanzania's health programs! Want to donate to Efra's program? Click here.

Jennie Peakin (Episode 11) took photos for Empower Tanzania. Follow her on Facebook for a peek!

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