Episode 25: #SkinSuit

On this episode of Mama Bear Dares, Leslie and Tesi talk to the lovely Denise Cartright about how to keep our #skinsuit (aka your skin) healthy and glowing! Denise is a master esthetician and founder/owner of Crude Personal Care, a cutting edge oil-cleansing skin system. Denise educates listeners on the skin biome and asks us to turn our attention inward so our exterior can shine and our whole beings can thrive. We also discuss how Crude was born—a fascinating tale of entrepreneurship, risk, and the power of one. This episode aims to talk about the practical matter of skin, but as we often find, it's not really about what's on the outside. We are complex beings with beautiful stories to spin!

Leslie and Tesi also discuss travel during this episode, prompted by an invitation by Denise to visit Salt Lake City! When this episode was recorded, Tesi was packing for the Kentucky Derby and Leslie was preparing for a trip to Tanzania with the organization Empower Tanzania. She's traveling with Mama Bear photographer Jennie Peakin (Episode 13). What's on your travel bucket list?


Empower Tanzania (FB | Website)

Here are a few articles Leslie has written about skincare and healthy living for Radish Magazine:

Lotions/Cosmetics | Lip Balm | DIY Sugar Scrubs

Follow this link for information on the "no-poo method" and learn how to save time and treat your hair better.

Tesi and Leslie both love Thrive Market and find great savings there on natural skincare and other products.

A few of our favorite health/skin related products available on Amazon:

Acure Lotions | Pacifica Perfume | Burt's Bees Lipstick | Alba Deep Conditional Hair Mask

Interested in learning more about a natural, no-soap approach? Here's a great article that Denise references in the New York Times entitled My No-Soap, No-Shampoo, Bacteria-Rich Hygiene Experiment.

Love sister-collaboration? You can find Denise's sister HERE and HERE.

Denise loves the Tara Brach podcast. Find it HERE.


Here's what Denise is loving these days:

  • Natural wine
  • Broad City
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson, in particular the essay entitled Nature

And, of course, visit the CRUDE Website. You'll love what Denise and her team have created.

As always, special thanks to Wunderkind for the music featured on Episode 27!

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