Episode 28: Husbands, Brothers, & Kale

On Episode 28 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi talks to Leslie's husband Jake and her own husband Zach about embracing a plant-based diet while Leslie is in East Africa with the NGO she contracts with, Empower Tanzania. In this debut of male voices on the podcast, Tesi and the pair of brothers discuss their plant-based lifestyle, offer resources for those interested in learning more, and share anecdotes about how becoming vegan has impacted their health and their lives. Finally, in a nod to the ever-present phenomena of "Mommy Guilt," they tackle "Daddy Guilt" and try to determine whether or not it truly exists. (Hint: It does!)

Segments include When You Know Better, You Do Better and Things We Should Probably Feel Guilty About But Don't.


The Rich Roll Podcast

Further reading on processed meats as carcinogens.

Further reading on cancer and lifestyle choices.

Jake's carpentry skills can be revisited on Episode 4: Tackling Man Tasks and in this Blog Post

A Vitamix makes the plant-based lifestyle so much more appealing! It's miraculous!

Jonathan Safron Foer's Eating Animals is fantastic.

Learn more about John Joseph here: Book | Podcast with Rich Roll

Documentaries mentioned: Cowspiracy | Forks Over Knives | Food, Inc. | Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

NY Times article on why dieting never works.

Meditation app Leslie and Tesi use.

Online yoga practice Jake uses.

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