Episode 20: Mother's Day Mini—Let's Talk to Kids!

On this Mama Bear Mini, our mid-week episode, we talk about Mother's Day, interview our kids, and encourage YOU to do the same! As we celebrate nurturing women this week, we dare listeners to take a moment to be really proud of who you are as a mom or to cheer on the mom you will someday become. Regardless of what motherhood looks like for you, we think you're amazing!

Questions for the kids:

Here's the script we used to interview our kids. Feel free to use it however you please!

  • What is your favorite thing to do with me?
  • What is something I’ve said to you that has helped you in the past? A bit of wisdom that you think about even when I’m not there?
  • How would you describe me? Is there something about me that would surprise other people to know?
  • On the Mama Bear Dares podcast we encourage moms to be their very best selves. Can you think of a way I can support you better? How can I be a better mom to you?
  • Who is your best friend? What is it about this friend that makes them so great? What’s it like to see your mom with her friends? What do they do? How do they act?
  • You have a lot of aunts and grandmas in this life. This is really special. What do you like about having all of these women who love you so much?
  • Currently, what's your favorite thing to do? What are you obsessed with?

We want to hear from YOU!! We encourage all of you to sit down with your kids and ask these questions and record them!!! You don’t need high tech equipment, there are plenty of free apps that will record audio. Download one of those and carve out some time to talk with your kids and then send us the audio file! In a future Mama Bear Mini we will include some of our favorites! Email us at mamabeardares@gmail.com.

Special thanks to MC Squared for the music for today's episode!

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