Episode 11: Embracing the Yes

What kind of woman says “yes” to becoming a foster care parent? What kind of woman says “yes” to adopting a child with known special needs? What kind of woman says "yes" to laughter, love, and generosity over and over again?

On today's Mama Bear Dares, you'll hear our interview with Jennie Peakin, a woman whose steady “yes” has changed her life in profound ways. A photographer by trade, we have a fascinating conversation with Jennie about art, photography, the miracle of making a family—by both birth and adoption—and experiencing it all from both behind a lens and up close and personal.

Jennie shares her story as a woman, mother, and artist and we love her candor. Listen in and be inspired by her honesty, learn from her bravery, and delight in her authenticity. Follow Jennie’s lead and be open to the world. And then let us know...where does your “yes” take you?


Jennie’s Photography: WEB | Facebook

Jennie’s Wedding Photography: WEB | Facebook

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On Episode 10 we talk about fostering and adoption. Here are a few great websites with more information:

Foster care in Iowa: Iowa Kids Net 

Domestic Adoption: Adopt US Kids

Jennie and Leslie will be traveling to to Tanzania on a storytelling mission with Empower Tanzania.

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