Episode 23: On Immigration, Compassion, & Complexity

On this episode of Mama Bear Dares, Leslie and Tesi talk to Cynthia Vanderpool Garcia about immigration, advocacy, and neighborliness. Cynthia, mom to two young children and an immigration lawyer, explains what it's like to be on the front lines of immigration in America. Together, we dig into the immigration process, compassion fatigue, and the complexities of life in America. Cynthia offers a look into a fascinating world, gently educating us and encouraging us to live our lives well.

Other points discussed:

  • Body image after childbirth
  • Her journey and the draw to immigration law
  • The very real perils of compassion fatigue
  • The necessity of Mama Bear boundaries
  • Immigration in the current political landscape
  • A breakdown of immigration and a simplified answer to the question, How does it work?
  • Are community and connection antidotes to fear and rhetoric?
  • How do you begin to know your neighbor?


The novel Americannah, written by the fabulous Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, is a fantastic depiction of an immigration experience in our current culture. Read it! :-)

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichies has a few great Ted Talks. Click here to view a favorite!

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Cynthia mentions reading The Enchantress of Florence. You can find it HERE.

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