Episode 17: The Search for Faith, Love, & Justice


On this episode of Mama Bear Dares, Leslie and Tesi talk to Sara Olson-Smith about faith, community, what it’s like being a woman with influence, and social activism. Sara, mom to two young children and pastor of a large church, tells us what it feels like to be called to be a truth-teller and how her faith plays a huge role in her life. Together, we dig into how to respond to a broken world and how to find hope at the end of each day. Listeners will love hearing from Sara as she shares her appreciation and hopes for the church—and for all of humanity—as a body of witness.

Other points discussed:

  • A response to a world in crisis
  • Hopes and fears of practicing a Christian faith in this world
  • Sara’s journey to becoming who she is today
  • Women in ministry
  • Sara’s take on corporate worship
  • Advice to those who want to become an ally to the disenfranchised


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Here’s where Sara serves as a pastor.

Obsess Sesh:

A few things that Sara is loving right now:

Wireless Bluetooth headphones that she can wear while moving about and listening to Hamilton!

Maisie Dobbs mystery series

Brene Brown's eCourse

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