Episode 15: Nerdy by Nature, Internal Work, & the Question of Puffy Vests

Yasi Back is an epidemiologist by day and style blogger by night. She is the woman behind Hello, Gorgeous, a hugely popular fashion blog that she has curated from her home home in Michigan for the last half decade. She opens up to Mama Bear Dares listeners on her love of fashion, her investment in her community, and the importance of honoring yourself and your priorities. She also offers solid advice to listeners about wearing what works for you and she makes an important announcement about her work. Yasi is such a pleasure! You can find here on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and, of course, on her blog.

Here are a few of the highlights from our discussion with Yasi:

  • The keys to personal style
  • Body acceptance
  • Ever-evolving fashion
  • Style bloggers for the average cat, the working woman, and the mom who stays at home
  • Disordered eating and the power of writing as a healing mechanism
  • Beyonce
  • And...Yasi makes a big announcement


We love hearing what our guests are currently into. Here's Yasi's list:

  1. Books: Yasi has been reading The Summer Girls trilogy and recently finished The Perfume Collector.
  2. Sparkling Water! Be like Yasi and ask your guests if they prefer "sparkling or still"! Check out the soda stream HERE. (Yasi has actually yet to use it for its intended purpose, which is soda!)
  3. Glassware: Yasi is loving the Soma filter, this water bottle, and this glass Snapware.

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