Episode 14: Mommy Guilt No More!


Last week we asked our Mama Bear Community what they think of when they hear the phrase “Mommy Guilt” and we received some great feedback that we share and respond to on Episode 14 of Mama Bear Dares.

Mommy Guilt is a phrase that our culture is way too familiar with. But why?

Leslie and Tesi tackle the topic today revealing their own experiences with Mommy Guilt and disclosing moments when they are plagued and moments when they refuse to let the feeling steal their joy.

We also introduce a few new segments we think you can get down with: Reppin the MBC on the MBD and Things We Should Probably Feel Guilty About But Don’t.

Segment 1: Reppin the MBC on the MBD! (In other words, Reppin the Mama Bear Community on Mama Bear Dares!)

After discussing listener comments, we offer a bit of dialogue on how we’re trying to eradicate Mommy Guilt from our lives. Here are a few highlights:

  • Make sure it’s guilt and not shame. There’s a difference!
  • Let some things go. Evaluate what you’re feeling guilty about — is it worth it?
  • Recognize that parenting is not a competitive sport
  • Prioritize the enjoyment of the parenting experience NOT the enjoyment of your child
  • Set aside specific time just for the family

Segment 2: Things we should probably feel guilty about, but don’t!

Leslie and Tesi bare their soul in a nod to the fact that no one is perfect! This begs listener feedback: Share with us! What do you do that you DON’T feel guilty about? Do tell!

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Read all of Brene Brown’s books. Do it. (She researches shame and guilt in the most accessible, thought-provoking way!) Start HERE, then go HERE, and end HERE.

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