Episode 3: Dare to Do It Scared with Jody Landers

There’s a perception in our culture that if we face obstacles, the world is warning us that we are on the wrong path...or that if an idea terrifies us, it’s probably not worth doing. But on today’s podcast, Jody Landers proves that Mama Bears are born when we lean into fear and do what scares us.

If anyone knows about doing big things in life despite being terrified, it’s Jody. With three healthy young boys already part of their brood, Jody and her husband Andy delivered Quincy. Born with a rare birth defect, Quincy spent weeks in the hospital and months in a body cast. It was in that hospital room that Jody’s Mama Bear was born.

With the tenacity she found in that hospital room, Jody went on to adopt twins from Sierra Leone, organize a handful of moms to fill backpacks for foster care children, and raise over a half million dollars for clean water. A few years after that she and Becky Straw founded The Adventure Project from her home with her six children underfoot.

Most recently Jody dove into a Kickstarter campaign to help launch her husband's musical career from a cult-like following to a national audience.

Jody was terrified of doing all of these things—whether she entered willingly or was forced into them—but she did them anyway. A lesson to our Mama Bear community is to stop running from fear and dare to “do it scared.”

A special thank you to Andrew Landers and Mainstreet Struggleville for our music for this episode. Learn more about Andy and download his extraordinary music at www.andrewlanders.com.

Read Jody’s blog from start to finish. Trust us. www.jodyrlanders.com.

Read all about The Adventure Project and the great work they are doing in communities around the world. Consider donating! We fully endorse what they stand for! www.theadventureproject.org

Websites also mentioned:

Dancing for water: www.dancingforwater.blogspot.com

charity: water: www.charitywater.org

Empower Tanzania: www.empowertz.org

Jody’s reading list:

Brene Brown: Go to her website where all books are listed. Jody specifically mentions this one.

Brennan Manning wrote The Ragamuffin Gospel and it can be purchased here.

All is Grace can be found here.

Check out a few other of Jody's favorites here: Frederick Beuchner and Henri Nouwen. (In particular, Life of the Beloved and Mourning Into Dancing.)

And of course, Anne Lamott.

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