Episode 1: Meet the Hostess, Part I—Leslie Klipsch

In Mama Bear Dares inaugural podcasts, we aim to introduce you to the hosts of the show, Leslie and Tesi Klipsch. This pair of Midwestern women married brothers within months of each other and, for the last 14 years, have shared several life stages: the newlywed stage, the pregnant mamas-to-be stage, the new parenthood stage, and, most recently, a  move to the world of adolescent shepherding. Through it all they’ve laughed a lot. And talk a lot. And shared a passion of encouraging those around them to love the world.

Today we introduce you to Leslie, a mom to three through birth and adoption, a writer, and a woman who recently added a puppy to her life. Tesi and Leslie talk about believing in who you are, the ins and outs of everyday life and how it shapes you as a person, and the importance of self care amidst work and parenthood.

Watch for updates and the release of Leslie’s first book on her author website! www.leslieklipsch.com.

Interested in coworking in Eastern Iowa/Western Illinois? Check out the coworking space Leslie founded with her partner Amy in November. www.coworkqc.com.

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