Episode 7: The Flow of Generosity

Image by Molly Sabourin Photography

Image by Molly Sabourin Photography

It’s funny how things speak to us differently at different points in our lives. Some people hear a bit of wisdom and are changed forever, while others hear the same and remain untouched. Some of us walk right by potential, while others take pause and soak it up. In Zen philosophy it’s described like this: When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

In this episode of Mama Bear Dares, we spend time in conversation with Beth Johnson and explore her unique journey, considering the way each of us is shaped by people, our surroundings, and what we consume. Beth shares her story of small graces and quiet action, encouraging listeners as she reflects on pivotal moments and influences in her life, and reminding us to be thoughtful with our lives and open to generosity in it all its forms.

Show Notes:

You will love the poet Mary Oliver. All of her poems are amazing. If you’re looking for a place to start, we recommend this book.

An interesting look into Cabrini Green, upon its demolition.

Beth threw a “pretend” shower and the gifts went to the Humility of Mary.

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