Episode 64: Coffee & Wine

Coffee and wine, wine and coffee. It's a thing! In Episode 64, co-hosts Leslie and Tesi try to get to the bottom of why these two seem so important to the moms. The women discuss how sometimes we do things out of habit, sometimes we do things out of necessity, and sometimes we do things are done out of sheer joy. We dare listeners to dig deep and ask yourself what motivates you to consume the things that you do. On either side of the conversation of coffee and wine, they answer a listener-submitted question and then they reveal their current favorites in the ever-popular Obsess Sesh.

Ask Us Anything!

A listener asks how we find our guests and whether or not they are actually our friends. Tesi and Leslie reveal the answer in the first segment. (Side note: We love your questions! Send them our way!)

Part of their answer includes this: Check out Humans of New York if you haven’t already. Tesi and Leslie love stories, you love stories, it’s a human thing! We are connected through stories and invite guests and listeners to create community through shared human experience!

HONY Facebook Page | Book I | Book II

Coffee & Wine

Tesi and Leslie explore the trend of coffee and wine. They talk about the popularity of the two beverages and ask questions about where the obsession came from and why we partake. Without casting judgment on yourself or others, we encourage you to observe yourself and your consumption.

Leslie likes Mark West Pinot Noir and black coffee. (8 o'Clock coffee is budget friendly and great!)

Tesi likes Ethiopian coffee and Bogle’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.


Leslie’s Current Obsessions: Lucky Peach Magazine |the color Robin’s Egg blue | Van’s high-tops

Tesi’s Current Obsessions: Phone magnet for car | Yeti microphone | Bangle bracelets made in Tanzania that will be sold for Empower Tanzania at the 2016 Water Party

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