Episode 88: It's Never One Person's Work with Tabitha Mparmira-Kaguri

Like many of us, mom, friend, PhD candidate, and activist Tabitha Mpamira-Kaguri has become consumed with by the brokenness of the world. Unlike some, she’s experienced it firsthand, and, heroically, is working for redemption—not just for herself but for victims of sexual assault living in America AND those a world away in sub-Saharan Africa. On Episode 88 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi, Leslie, and Tabitha talk about what it looks like to turn heartache and rage into action and healing. They deep dive into the treatment of women worldwide, the dominance of the pervading rape culture, and the ways in which we can turn the tide toward dignity and equality. The conversation is far-reaching, and will ultimately inspire listens to be open to the pain of the world and engage their Mama Bear to work for justice in ways big and small.

Also discussed in this episode:

  • Gender roles within different cultural traditions
  • The origin of a nonprofit (EDJA)
  • Victim shaming
  • Finding hope in the midst of darkness
  • How to move from an immediate band-aid solution to sustainable change
  • How to raise our children in the midst of rape culture
  • Race in America and embracing your individual racial identity


Find Tabitha online here: EDJA Foundation | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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