Episode 81: Chocolate and Chips: Talking to Girls on the Precipice of Puberty

On Episode 80 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Leslie and Tesi gave listeners an intimate conversation about shame and self worth with author, mother, and all-around-wise-woman Aubrey Sampson. Based on listener feedback, it was clear that the themes of this podcast resonated: Shame. Our female bodies. How we can love them better and how we might teach our daughters to be empowered in their skin and have a healthy outlook on the human body they were born in. These themes are crucial and the women behind the podcast quickly decided they deserve a follow-up Mama Bear Mini.

On Episode 81, Tesi and Leslie dive deeper into the cultural relationship to the female body and give listeners suggestions on how to promote healthy body image in their home. The two base their conversation on Tesi’s powerful blog post, “An Open Letter to My Daughter on the Precipice of Puberty,” and discuss body image, the beautiful attributes of femininity, the power of body language, sex, intimacy, and womanhood, all in hopes of shining the light on shame and furthering the conversation.

We had the conversation we often have when we pass magazines of women tucked, airbrushed and whitened. The idea that she will feel pressure to look a certain way or act a certain way is not new to Dailah because, like me, she is constantly watching and feeling. My conversations with Dailah have morphed from the ‘there is no one way to look or to be healthy and confident and beautiful’ to ‘listen to your gut, don’t drown out that voice inside that tells you the world is wrong or that you’re too much of anything.’
— Excerpt from Tesi's blog post, "To My Daughter on the Precipice of Puberty"


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