Episode 80: Shame is Loud, Truth is Louder

Like so many of us, writer, speaker, mom, and activist Aubrey Sampson has been consumed with shame from an early age. On Episode 80 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi, Leslie, and Aubrey talk about what it's like to be a woman in America and the forces at play in our culture that make so many of us feel "less than." Why do so many of us live with shame? How can we combat it in our lives and value ourselves for the beautiful beings that we are? The three women discuss Aubrey's book, Overcomer: Breaking Down the Walls of Shame and Rebuilding Your Soul and begin to tackle the hard but essential work of rebuilding our souls and living free from the shackles of feeling like we're not enough.

Other topics discussed:

  • What is shame? What does it mean to feel "not enough"?
  • Sexual assault in America
  • Shames tendency to "shrink" the American woman
  • Self talk ... tips and tricks to treating yourself kindly
  • Activating the Mama Bear to turn pain into purpose
  • Demolishing shame on the behalf of others


Find Aubrey online at www.aubreysampson.com.

Buy her book, Overcomer: Breaking Down the Walls of Shame and Rebuilding Your Soul

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