Episode 66: 5 Steps to Publishing Your Book, Pursuing Your Passion, & Following Your Dreams

On this Mama Bear Mini, co-hosts Leslie and Tesi announce the winner of the bundle of Leslie's new release, Mama Bear's Manifesto: A Moms' Group Guide to Changing the World. After celebrating this listener and her thoughtful comment, the women discuss Leslie's publishing journey in depth, pulling out five steps that might make listeners a bit closer to publishing their book, pursuing their passion, or following their dream. The hosts encourage listeners who have ideas for books, blogs, or businesses, but have yet to put pen to paper. Always encouragers, Tesi and Leslie hope listeners will learn from Leslie's journey and embrace their own exciting pursuit!


Thanks to everyone who commented on iTunes in hopes of winning a bundle of Leslie's new book, Mama Bear's Manifesto: A Moms' Group Guide to Changing the World. Here's what our winner, 44bot, has to say about the podcast. We appreciate these words so much!

Each time I tune in to the Mama Bear Dares podcast I feel “these ladies are my tribe.” Not only do I learn something new, I also feel a renewed sense of who I am in all the many role in which I live. I feel that by simply tuning in I am in touch with how I choose to walk in the world! Thank you, Leslie & Tesi!


Five years ago Leslie decided to write a book. The muse struck and for the next year she wrote...and wrote...and wrote. She then entered the world of publishing and learned a lot about marketing, platform building, patience, and leaning into the long-game. For details, be sure to listen to the episode, but here we offer the five basic steps to publishing your book, pursuing your passion, and following your dreams.

  1. Listen for the muse and then do it for LOVE
  2. Create a quality product
  3. Build your platform
  4. Release the art...and your expectations
  5. Throw yourself a party (celebrate small victories)


Leslie is represented by MacGregor Literary, check out their BLOG.

THIS is a good read. | This BOOK is a must for writing a book proposal.

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