Episode 73: 10 Things White Moms Can Do To Fight Racism & Spread Love

On Episode 73 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, co-hosts Tesi and Leslie discuss privilege, racism, and 10 ways they believe white moms can use their privilege to fight racism and spread love. They trust that the podcast community is a safe place to express their observations, experiences, and beliefs about this topic and humbly ask readers to consider their perspective, poke holes in their theories, and promise to journey together to make a better tomorrow. Lovers of actionable steps and lists, Leslie and Tesi come up with 10 tangible ways to engage their Mama Bear in this fight. The 10 steps are listed below; for complete details and explanation, listen in!

10 Things White Moms Can Do To Fight Racism & Spread Love

  1. Acknowledge your privilege
  2. Learn about implicit bias and examine how it plays out in your life
  3. Listen and learn from those to whom the experience belongs
  4. Amplify the voices of people of color
  5. Talk to your kids, your neighbor, the mail carrier, and your mom about why Black Lives Matter movement matters
  6. Teach your kids that skin color matters
  7. Be a co-conspirator
  8. Advocate for diversity in your life
  9. Pronounce your kids’ friends name’s correctly
  10. Avoid sing racially coded language at home and in conversation

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