Episode 63: Taking on the Mantle of Motherhood with Julie Lyles Carr

On Episode 63 of the Mama Bear Dares podcast, Leslie and Tesi spend the hour with Julie Lyles Carr, an incredible and inspiring woman who is a writer, photographer, pastor, and the founder/director of a non-profit called Legacy of Hope. Julie drops by the podcast to tell the hosts about her new book, Raising An Original, but the three women end up covering not just the topics inherent to writing and the content of what she's created, but the importance of staying curious, taking care of the Other Self (for Julie, running, reading, bathing, and quiet time does the trick!), and best practices in parenting original kids as the original women and men we were created to be. The conversation stretches in all sorts of ways and Leslie and Tesi spend their time soaking up the wisdom of this delightful woman. Julie is thoughtful and intelligent, loving and charming. If you are for growth, action, and intentional and nuanced parenting, you'll adore today's conversation.

Also discussed on the podcast:

  • The beauty of staying curious
  • Becoming a mouthpiece to solutions in this broken world
  • Honoring your original kid
  • Honoring the original way in which you parent
  • Giving ourselves permission to BE an original so that we can RAISE an original
  • The danger of asking our children to carry our identity
  • Awakening your "noticer" — paying attention to each child's unique personality and human traits, and recognizing this as a process that is forever changing


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