Episode 68: Get It Together with Eirene Heidelberger

On Episode 68 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi and Leslie talk to Eirene Heidelberger, the CEO and founder of GITMom, a full-service parent coaching and advice company that endeavors to empower moms by offering effective parenting techniques and help with common parenting battles. Though Eirene has been frequently featured in the national news media, on today's podcast the women get intimate while sitting down in Eirene's home as she opens up to discuss her childhood, her struggles with new motherhood, her frustrations and her hopes, and the way she found her way to becoming the thriving woman, mother, and business owner that she is today.

Here's a secret: very few of us arrive at motherhood with complete understanding and a full knowledge of what it will be like. Sometimes we simply need a hand to hold or a tribe to join in order to catch glimpses of light. Eirene, Tesi, and Leslie hold a discussion that will contribute to that sunshine...offering hope, understanding, and a few practical tips on life in the trenches.

Also discussed:

  • How the environment you grew up in can shape the way you mother your children
  • GITMom's origin story
  • The "art" of parenting — right-brained or left-brained, we're all artists!
  • The special role of mothers and how to find new moms the support they need
  • Identifying and addressing our triggers as parents
  • The importance of taking care of yourself before you can care with others


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Find Eirene online. She'd love to connect! WEB  | FB | Email |

TODAY Parents blog | Huffington Post blog


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